Cars and Bikes relocation services with the expertise and knowledge of our customer’s needs, we have emerged as one of the dominant market players in the relocation, packing & moving industry.

We endeavor to offer cost effective and personalized Cars and Bikes transportation services that ensure swift deliveries of cars and other vehicles. We have continuously provided our customers with Cipment services that address their needs aptly.

Transport of your car is not a simple task, a car is an expensive vehicle and sometimes it may be a passion for you. A minor harm to your car can cause a huge monetary loss. Vehicle Shifting is one of the predominant parts of the services rendered by Cipment to the clients.

Car Relocation & Transportation Services

We have special covered car trailers to transport your cars to your desired destination. Trailers & containerized trucks specially designed for the safe carriages of cars are specifically used for this purpose.

We endeavor to offer personalized car relocation services at reasonable costs and assure that it is transported even without a minor scratch.

Cars can be picked at customer’s home and office and delivered right at the desired place. We understand and meet schedules, maintaining frequent contact with the drivers to ensure on-time pickups and deliveries.

All movements are handled efficiently. The vehicle is carefully checked to see whether there is any fluid leakage.

All the accessories are removed from the cars. The alarm system or antennas are either removed or retracted. Each vehicle is handled personally and at a sensible price.

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